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"The longest journey of any person is the journey inward."

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Karen Weber, 500hrtt


This Yoga Alliance Certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training program is advanced training for an already 200 hour trained teacher. It steeps the teacher in personal experience by encouraging a re-commitment to their daily practice and by opening the doors of various sacred teachings to reveal greater understanding than before.


This Yoga teacher course in Batavia, IL, is taught in 3 Modules comprised of related teachings and tools, grouped together in support of Right Living – for your daily physical, mental and spiritual health and fulfillment, Shakti Sadhana – for your personal advancement and scope of practice and Advanced Teaching Skills – for a refinement and expansion of your teaching tools and personal capacity.  


Wise Yoga Teachers recognize that we will always be students. The breadth and depth of this most sacred practice and its teachings continually reveal new layers to the practitioner. This keeps our interest high and our desire strong. As a qualified yoga teacher, it is our duty to stay committed to our own practice. Our nourishment and inner fulfillment flow over into our lives and positively affects our students. We then teach from a place of experience and truth as opposed to intellectual knowledge. The tools and techniques of this training polish your inner diamond and unveil your distinct contribution that only your light can manifest.

Taking the Fox Valley's 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training requires that you have already completed a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program and have at least 1 year of teaching experience. Due to the variances in program content, those who have not taken their 200 hr YTT with us, may need to take an additional 15 hr Teacher Training Foundational Class*.

This requirement is meant to serve you so that you do not feel behind on concepts or techniques that you may not have received through your prior training. You may request a review of your teacher training program or test out of the necessity of this prerequisite.

 - Hatha Yoga's 7-limbs

 - Energetics of Sequencing

 - Vinyasa Krama

 - Establishing a meditation practice

 - Establishing a Mantra practice

Topics Covered Include:

 - Patanjali's 8-limbs

 - The Kosha Model

 - Classical Categories of Asana

 - Pranayama

 - 3 Main Nadis

*only if required

Fox Valley Yoga Teacher Training, Batavia, IL


500hrtt Batavia, IL

Wise Yoga teachers recognize that we will

always be students. 

Karen Weber, 500hrtt Batavia, IL
Program Costs
Fox Valley Yoga Teacher Training
Dates & Details
Program Costs:

New Program Special Rate $4300 ($350 savings)

15 hr Teacher Training Foundation Class - $225 (paid in full only)

Module 1 - Right Living $1550

Module 2 - Shakti Sadhana $1550

Module 3 - Advanced Teaching Skills $1550


Total Program Cost - $4650


New Program Special Rate $4300 ($350 savings)

$200 deposit to hold your spot is applied to your total (PayPal Link)

Payment Option 1: $4,300 in full

Payment Option 2 (For the full training): $200 * deposit for registration/application (applied toward total tuition) holds your space for the 3 training modules. 8 payments of $512.50 due Jan 21st, Feb 1st, Mar 1st, Apr 1st, May 1st, June 1st , Sept 1st, Oct 1st. (additional payment plans available upon request and based on individual needs)

Payment Option 3 (Per Module $1,367): $200 * deposit for registration/application (applied toward total tuition) holds your space for all 3 training modules. Module 1 - 3 payments of $455.55 due Jan 21st, Feb 1st, and Mar 1st, Module 2 - 3 payments of $455.55 due Apr 1st, May 1st, and June 1st , Module 3 - 3 payments of $455.55 due Sept 1st, Oct 1st and Nov 1st (additional payment plans available upon request and based on individual needs)


New Dates~

Beginning fall 2024 Dates TBA


The Garaj-Mahal Studios

270 Ozier Dr. Batavia, IL

garaj mahal, Batavia, IL

module 3

module 2

module 1

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